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door as two men rob her at gunpoint and she is not the only victim in this oakland neighborhood. i'm ama dates in for carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. it is disgusting to watch, and it must have been so terrifying to experience. oakland police are looking for more victims, and we found one. alan wang is live in oakland tonight with her story. alan?
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>> a terrifying attack against the woman, but she is one of several people who was terrorized by those on the video. she is asking the victims to come forward. the woman in the video has no idea she is being targeted by two young men who don't realize they are being caught on camera. the robber stole the purse in east oakland, but they were exposed by surveillance cameras and police arrested them. police don't think she was the only victim. >> investigators released the video in hopes that there might be other victims out there who have not come forward yet. >> we went to the same block and found a woman who said her purse was stolen and was pistol whipped the same day and same hour as the woman in the video. >> i said don't kill me. don't hurt me. >> we showed her the video of
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the suspect. >> looked like him. look like it is him. i'm sure it is him. >> the woman reported the incident when it happened, but she didn't realize her neighbor had been mugged too. >> i feel dangerous nowment. >> what do you think your neighborhood needs to do now? >> i am not sure. >> would it help if you communicated and talked and got together? >> i think so. >> community involvement is paramount. >> chinatown is a perfect example of a community mobilizing against crime. >> it is not only your friends. the next victim could be you or me. it is time to do something. >> police helped them set up a neighborhood crime prevention council, surveillance cameras and crime was cut down substantially. >> the cameras were rolling, but now they want them to organize, communicate and cooperate with them. the reason being is the criminals say they are better
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organized than the neighbors. police say the two men they arrested are part of a gang that has been victimizing oakland residents for some time. reporting live at police headquarters in oaknd la, alan -- in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you, alan. and a dozen people, some of whom are members of the same gang were swept up during a predawn raid. the operation cease-fire raids spanned the entire bay area with the help of other law enforcement agencies. they served 24 high risk search warrants. 24 in oakland and one in pacifica and one in brentwood. 24 is video of the raids provided by the oakland police department showing a remote controlled robot used to scout some of the targeted locations. it resulted in 12 arrests from members of two of the most notorious gangs. at least a half dozen suspects are being sought. >> there were key people involved in shootings and violent crime that we targeted for the operation.
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those are the people we went after today. joy in all -- >> in all more than a hundred people were involved in the raids. to a happier topic at the moment and that is the weekend and the weather. let's check in with sandhya patel. sandhya, any lingering showers out there? >> none whatsoever, dan. it doesn't mean we are completely done. well, some areas are seeing some showers, but it is not here in the bay area. in the sierra nevada they are seeing showers. as we check out the view from our high definition roof camera you can see the sparkling lights on the bay bridge. the temperatures are falling in the 40s across the bay area. 43 in santa rosa right now and 46 degrees in livermore. it is going to be a chilly start in the inland valleys. but where are your temperatures going to end up this weekend? they are heading in one direction. i will be back with the details in a few minutes. ama? >> thank you. workers are spending the night making repairs to the iconic restaurant in berkeley. it was damaged by fire early this morning. a famous owner alice waters is
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hoping to be back in business in the next week or so. john alston is live in berkeley with the latest. >> workers knocked off an hour ago. we heard hammers and saws instead of the unusual bustling kitchen and dinner conversation. he serves about 400 to 500 customers every day. and many of them got calls saying they would make other plans tonight. instead of delighting the friday night dinner crowd it was an off limits construction zone. they were boarding up windows and shoring up the foundation. among the disappointed was jaime drake who planned to have her birthday dinner here tonight. >> we had reservations a month ago, and the reservations are tough to get. >> what better place to go for your birthday? that was the plan. we were lucky we live down the street. we will come back. >> the fire started just after 3:00 in the morning. the apparent cause is a fault electrical box under the front
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porch. the main dining room is fine thanks to a sprinkler system. the front porch and ground floor will need repair work. they are the most famous along gourmet ghetto. it is known for its california cuisine made from locally grown organic food. the owner hopes to reopen part of the restaurant next weekend. >> it is a matter of rebuilding the hallway to the upstairs. butt i can see that the upstairs could open very soon. if we find someway to camouflage the front of the building. >> people stop to look at the damage including one woman who had her wedding dinner here. >> i was worried this morning when a woman said it burned down. i said no. it looks like it is going to be all right. >> there was another fire here 31 years ago to the day.
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insurance will cover the repair, would. abc7 news. >> thanks very much. mc hammer is telling his fans that the charges filed against him by dublin police have been dropped. police say hammer was pulled over last month because he had expired tags on a car he did not own. hammer was charged with resisting arrest and suspicion of obstruction. he tweeted tonight "thank you to all of my friends and supporters. all charges declined, dropped. have a great weekend." dublin police have not returned our calls about the tweet. new at 11:00, the san francisco man who victimized the foster mother of an abandoned baby born with cocaine in his system is in jail. he was arrested in his hotel room this morning. he was caught on surveillance video at the san francisco halve justice yesterday. he swiped a diaper bag along with cash and credit cards belonging to the foster mother of baby nash. the newborn was born on a sidewalk in december and handed off to a stranger.
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tonight there are new details in the fatal mauling of a woman at a central californian mall sank pew water. sanctuary. they said volunteers interned and diana hanson was using a cell phone. when the lion pounced on her and killed her instantly. anderson says hanson was following all of the zoo's protocols. the sheriff deputies shot and killed the lion shortly after the attack. >> a positive jobs report for february helped fuel a spectacular end to the week. the dow was up 67 points to a new record high. the 6th straight day of gains. it was good for the nasdaq composite and the s&p. they created 236,000 new be joes. it dropped to 7.7%, the lowest in five years. >> whole foods has become the first retailer in the country to require labeling of all genetically modified food sold in its stores. the labeling will roll out
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over the next five years so you will begin to see it soon. the store says it is in response to consumer demand. up next, meet the bay area's newly minted lottery millionaire. >> i was by myself at home and i started screaming by myself. >> how a bag of pump skin seeds may have -- pumpkin seeds may have helped the man win the jackpot. >> and hundreds of fans show up to see one of the biggest stars in the bay area. >> and glasses are not allowed. they won't let new with google's new eye wear. >> and then on "jimmy kimmle live." >> we have elon musk and the always energetic, kelly rippa. she is more of a morning she is more of a morning person.
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♪ the one and only, cheerios have selected tuesday as the day they will vote for the next man to lead the world's 1 billion catholics. preparations continue in the sisteen chapel. the stone where they will burn
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their ballots are under construction as are the seats where the 115 cardinals will sit during their secret deliberations. >> fascinating process. an east bay man can thank his love of pumpkin seeds for helping him become california's newest millionaire. here is lyanne ma melendez with the story. >> they are california's newest multimillionaires. he confessed he is obsessed with pumpkin seeds. he always gets them from the shell station. except that on wednesday he only had $15, enough for gas and a lottery ticket. he had to sacrifice the seeds. the next day when he checked his ticket he knew he made the right choice. >> i told them i am just dreaming.
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>> that's it. that's the one. >> he immediately drove to tell his wife. >> she didn't believe. >> i told her just one time believe me. >> they don't know what they will do with the money. he lost his job in graphic reproduction. he is considering opening his own store now. >> get the people i know, friends, family who ever doesn't have job to get work. >> after collecting the check they were in a big hurry to get back to walnut creek. >> i have appointment so i don't want to miss it. she is a hair stylist. we found her coloring a clie yant's hair. client's hair. she will continue to work there because she is loyal to the honor. >> as long as she is there i am with her. >> reporter: and that shell station is getting plenty of business with people hoping
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lightning will strike twice. >> just passing by and i saw the shell station and i thought this might be the lucky one. >> reporter: and the store will get $165,000 for selling the winning ticket. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> at they are so happy. new at 11:00, promising news about the san francisco 49ers' new santa clara stadium. our media partners at the san jose mercury news report that the team has sold three-fourths of the seats at the new stadium totaling $300 million. that's roughly equal to the cost spent to build the stadium so far. the team says they are on track to sell outcome pleatly before the start -- out completely when the niners start playing in the south bay. >> and meantime, the 49ers' quarterback may not have come home with the super bowl and judging by the number of people who came out to greet him, he is still a winner. the faithful turned out by the hundreds for an autograph and to have their pictures taken at the danville safe way.
12:18 am
>> any girl would love to have him. i am telling you. he is a doll. too bad i am grandma. >> she was impressed. >> she was. >> despite the team's loss to the baltimore ravens, kaepernick has not lost his star power. the lines stretch out the front door to the corner and down the street. >> new at 11:00, a dive bar in washington state is saying if you want to drink, take off the new google glasses. the bar in seattle is warning people they must remove the glasses when they enter. the reason? the owner is concerned about privacy. he says his customers whom he calls "the seedy type" don't want their pictures taken and then plastered on the internet. there is nothing the glasses can do that a cell phone can't. google glasses won't be available for months. >> wonder how the customers
12:19 am
like him calling them the seedy type. the great highway was shutdown between lincoln and slope. it was shot an hour ago. the road frequently closes during the winter months because of the high winds. >> sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> ama and dan, the winds are dialing down. we do still have gusty winds up to 30 miles an hour, but that will be done and over with. as you look at live doppler 7hd, we have scattered clouds mainly in the east bay and the south bay and low-level cloudiness. the snow that has been falling all day long is now starting to wind down. we picked up 3 to 14 inches and looking nice and sun thee for the weekend if you are heading up to tahoe you don't have to worry about snow or rain. great looking weather for spring skiing. as we look from the high definition emeryville camera toward the bay bridge we do
12:20 am
have low clouds around. they will be with us first thing tomorrow morning. 51 in oakland and 49 degrees. here is what is coming. first thing in the morning count on partly cloudy conditions. chilly inland. sunny and warmer for your weekend and spring forward at 2:00 a.m. sunday. saturday night set your clocks forward one hour before going to bed. here is the area of low pressure that brought us the rain. the system is heading out. as the system heads out it allows the area of high pressure that is off the coastline here to start to push toward the western u.s. as the ridge builds in it will be a pattern that is more like spring than winter. a warming trend starts, and then it really peaks into the middle of next week. first thing in the morning look out for low clouds. it will be overcast in spots. the temperatures in the mid30s in the coldest inland valleys. napa, vallejo, concord, and then by the afternoon it will warm up nicely.
12:21 am
the temperatures coming up from today's highs in the south bay. morgan hill 64 and the same thing for santa cruz. san jose, enjoy, the sun on the peninsula. 65 palo alto. 57 on the coast. daly city, downtown san francisco, 62 degrees. in the north bay you will see temperatures flirting with the 70 degree mark. cloverdale, santa rosa and ukiah, 66 at clear lake and 65 in san rafael. east bay communities, you are going to be coming up a few degrees. 65 oakland and 64 union city. inland areas san ramon and walnut creek and pleasanton mid60s. 66 antioch and 68 in fairfield. you haven't seen warm yet. check out the accu-weather forecast. temperatures into the low 70s and inland by sunday. low 60s coast side. monday through wednesday you will see mid70s in the warmest inland valleys. well above average for this type of year. -- this time of year.
12:22 am
you know tomorrow the explore for yum, the san francisco explore for yum is having a street festival and the weather looks fabulous. abc7 news has another great weather resource. call are for the latest conditions rain or shine. spare the air alerts weather tweets from no one else other than your favorite team ready at abc7 news. always keep you posted. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> a [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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warriors winning 16 of the last 18 meetings. could golden state finally breakthrough tonight? the jeremy lin fan club missed the first half with a bruised knee. he did make this tough shot before leaving. he makes a great drive right here before the first quarter buzzer. the rockets lead by two thanks to a 22-7 run. the warriors are looking for a spark.
12:26 am
he gets it from outside and connects for his second career three-pointer. but they couldn't cool off parsons. he lead with 26 points. james hardin had an off night, but he does connect here to put the rockets on top by three. lin had 15 points. he makes the highlight real and houston wins it 94-88. the warriors managed just 12 points in the final quarter. the rockets are now just a game back of golden state for 6th place in the conference. the local teams have gotten off to a great start in the pac-10 women's tournament. cal ranked as the number two seed. britney boyd knocks down 15 of her points. jennifer brandon lead the bears with a double-double. cal wins it 78-59 and they will face ucla in tomorrow's semifinals. >> top seed stanford had no problem with washington state. she could not be stopped.
12:27 am
23 points and 21 rebounds. it is the behind the back pass and 79-60 the final. they will next face colorado in the semifinals. santa clara taking on loyola merry mount. they had one conference win. anthony ireland puts them on top with five seconds left. clark cannot come through with the free throw line. santa clara would get one last chance and kevin foster with the prayer and it is off the mark. lmu continues to surprise 60-58 the final. next up top ranked gonzaga. team usa has gotten off to a rough start in the world baseball classic. adrian gonzalez takes cy young award winner r.a.dickey deep. sergio romo got the save. he gets rawlins on this grounder to end it.
12:28 am
mexico wins 5-2. the wgc cadillac championship in miami features all kinds of hazards. tiger woods took over sole possession making eight birdies. he has 17 in the first two rounds. that's a personal best at 13 under par. tiger leads graham mcdowell by two strokes. and abc7 sports was brought to you tonight by river rock casino. when tiger has the lead after 36 holes he is very tough to beat. >> you are absolutely right. >> thank you so much, rick. coming up next, the man who just got a free who just got a free subscription to [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone.
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